Live location of Biporjay storm, see where the storm reached?

Live location of Biporjay storm, see where the storm reached? :- Friends right now the effect of cyclone is being seen in Gujarat especially in Saurashtra and Kutch area plus less amount of rain and wind force has increased, under sea current has been seen, there is fear of damage in various crops of Gujarat due to Bipo Joy cyclone, Now friends, let’s see how far the storm came

Biporjay Cyclone Live Update

Just 290 km from Cyclone Jakhou
300 km from Devbhoomi Dwarka
310 KM from Nalia of Kutch
350 km from Porbandar in Saurashtra
370 km from Karachi, Pakistan

Next 36 hours heavy for Saurashtra Kutch

Red alert has been issued to Devbhoomi Dwarka, Jamnagar, Kutch and other districts for the next 36 hours. On the one hand, there is a threat of storm, along with extremely heavy rain, the Meteorological Department has also predicted.

Important news has come out regarding Biporjoy cyclone in Gujarat. In which the current speed of the storm is 5 km per hour. And the storm has come close to the Gujarat coast in the maritime boundary. At present, the storm has moved north-west.

A current has been observed in the Dwarka sea due to Biporjoy cyclone. At that time, an atmosphere of fear has been created among the locals who saw high waves and currents in the sea of Dwarka. Also, visitors are prohibited from entering Gomti Ghat.

Meteorological Department Forecast PDF: Click Here
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