Medicine Spraying Assistance Scheme 2023: The government will provide 90% of the cost for spraying medicine with drones.

Drone Spraying Assistance Scheme : Get detailed information about Battery Pump Assistance Scheme, Tarpaulin Assistance Scheme, Power Thresher Assistance Scheme, Water Carrying Pipeline Scheme, run by Department of Farmers Welfare and Cooperation. One such scheme is Kisan Drone Yojana. So let’s know what is drone drug spraying assistance scheme?, what is the purpose of the … Read more

National Family Assistance Scheme : The government will provide an assistance of 20 thousand at the time of death of a person

National Family Assistance Scheme : Are you looking for Sankat Mochan Assistance Scheme? Are you looking for a Crisis Relief Scheme? Here you are about the family assistance scheme. What is Sankat Mo Sahai Yojana information as well as Family Sahai Yojana respect calculator form. Who can benefit from Sankat Mochan Sahai Yojana? How to … Read more