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Though optometrists have legitimate concerns about the limitations of online vision tests, this method of measuring visual acuity (VA) continues to evolve and can be especially helpful in telehealth settings. In a recent study, researchers assessed user satisfaction and usability with the one such application from New York University’s Langone Health medical center.

oday most people have problems with their eyes. The thing is that we tend to use more and more smartphones, tablets, and computers. This can be harmful to health.

In this situation, it is better to keep your eyes’ health under control. It is quite hard to visit your doctor every week or even every month. This is why we decided to create a list of the best free apps for testing your eyes.

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Most of the applications are available for iOS, as well as for Android users.

“The primary benefit of this app is that it allows for the patient to collect more data about their vision and more flexibility in the collection of this data,” they explained in their paper. “Potential applications of this app suggested by our patients include post-op care, post-traumatic eye injury monitoring and as a screening tool that can be used to determine the need for an in-person vs. teleophthalmology visit. Patients also did not express security concerns, and they enjoyed the convenience and accessibility benefits that a mobile VA app allows.”

The NYU Langone Eye Test also demonstrated high test-retest reliability, which the investigators noted was “more valuable than a one-to-one agreement with the Rosenbaum card.”

Eyesight Check Test

Eyesight Check Test is a decent app for anyone looking to test their vision.

The app presents the user with a series of eye tests, which include reading letters or numbers of different sizes and colors. The tests are timed, and the user’s results are recorded and displayed at the end of each test.

One interesting feature of the app is that it allows the user to adjust the brightness of their screen to suit their lighting environment, which helps ensure accurate results.

The graphics of Eyesight Check Test are simple and clean, with a minimalist design that is easy on the eyes. The app uses clear and legible fonts, making it easy to read the letters and numbers even on smaller screens.

However, some users may find the graphics to be a bit too basic and may prefer a more visually appealing design.


  • Adjustable brightness settings.


  • Lack of guidance on interpreting results.
  • Basic graphics.

Although, it does not provide enough information on how to interpret the results. Users may be confused about what their scores mean or how they compare to normal vision.

Eye Exam

If you are concerned about your vision, this app is a must for you. It allows you to see how many problems you have and how you could fix them. 

The best thing about Eye Exam is that you can test your eyes’ health at home. 

It is vitally important as we tend to get most of the information visually. 

To use the application efficiently, try to stick to the following instructions:

  • Sit comfortably and try not to make a movement.
  • Your smartphone’s camera should work properly. If it doesn’t it can affect the results of the test. 
  • Place your device in front of you. It should be 16 inches from your eyes. 
  • Close your left eye and press the button. Then close your right eye and do the same. 
  • Wait for the results to be presented to you.

The application keeps all the results of your tests so that you can analyze the dynamics later, which is important when you are tracking your health parameters. 

If you do tests regularly, you can use measurement statistics. You can easily visualize your progress. For example, you can see it in a pie chart form or any other type of graph. The application will create these graphs automatically. 

All the data about your health will be available for download. You can use it when you go to your doctor. 

Please note that this app is not the same as visiting the optician. If you have serious problems, make sure you get a doctor’s consultation. 

There are some ads that keep the content free for you. 

Weaknesses identified by patients primarily dealt with the wifi-dependent nature of the app, potential accuracy concerns, face-to-face interaction loss and applicability and usefulness for patients across the board.

NYU Langone Eye Test

If you want to test your vision, you should download this app because it allows you to monitor your vision progress.

Users are presented with a series of visual tests designed to evaluate their vision. The tests range from simple color blindness tests to more complex visual acuity tests.

The app is easy to navigate and provides clear instructions on how to complete each test.

The graphics are sharp and detailed, and the app makes good use of color to create an engaging user experience.

However, some users have reported that the graphics can be a bit too small, making it difficult to read some of the text on the screen.


  • Simple gameplay.
  • Visually appealing and well-designed graphics.
  • Helps identify vision problems.


  • Some tests may be too difficult for some users.
  • Some users report glitches, such as freezing or crashing.

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