Do this farming without land, earn 3 lacs in 3 months | Cultivation on house roofs

Do this farming without land

Cultivation on house roofs:- Hello friends, people’s interest in Ayurvedic and natural products is increasing in present times. Due to this interest, the demand of Tulsi plant has increased. Seeing such a significant demand, every farmer should cultivate Tulsi so that it will benefit greatly in the future. There are possibilities. Today we will tell you what kind of cultivation can be done on the roof of the house.

Cultivation on house roofs

Friends, are you also thinking of starting your own business then today we have brought good news for you. You can earn a lot of money by cultivating Tulsi as the demand for Tulsi plants is very high in India. Because it is used in every home in India as a form of worship, havan and medicine. Cultivation of this Tulsi does not require any extra expenditure. With very little capital you can start Tulsi cultivation without needing to hold much land. You can also do this farming in the form of contract farming.

Contract Farming

Contract farming is where a farmer farms his own farm for another company or individual and can earn more profit by doing such farming. Tusi cultivation needs to spend only Rs 15,000 initially. This farming can be started with just 15,000 rupees. When after 3 months this prepared basil crop will be bought by any company for 3 lakh rupees.

As Ayurvedic cultivation

There are many ayurvedic companies in the market, if making ayurvedic and natural products. Such companies are in great need of Tulsi plants. These companies include Dabble, Vaidhanath and Patanjali. These companies will buy your crop and give you good amount in return.

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