SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator 2023| Home Loan Calculator

SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator 2023 :- Through this free EMI calculator tool, you can calculate SBI Home Loan Calculator very easily. To get the information about SBI Bank home loan EMI, first enter the loan amount in the tool given below, right next to it, enter the interest rate and finally the time i.e. year. 

 SBI Home Loan Interest Rate :-

 According to the official website of SBI, at present the annual interest rate on SBI Home Loan is 8.44%. Some of the interest rates i.e. Interest charged on Home Loans given under different categories of SBI Home Loan are as follows.

Home Loan -> Scheme Interest Rate

• Regular Home Loan -> 8.40% to 8.75%

• Top Up Home Loan -> 8.95% to 9.15%

• Tribal Loan -> 8.65% to 8.85%

• CRE Home Loan -> 8.75% to 8.95%

• Reality Home Loans -> 8.85% to 9.05%

• P.Lap -> 10.30% to 10.50%

💠 6 lakh home loan emi calculator :-

 For example: If you are planning to take an SBI home loan of 6 lakhs. Then for this you follow the steps given below one by one. With this, you will easily get information about your home loan EMI.

First of all, enter 600000 lakhs in the Loan Amount part of the tool.

After this, in the Interest Rate part, enter the interest rate charged by your SBI bank on home loan. If the interest rate is 6.5%, enter 6.5% in the Interest Rate section.

After this comes the most important part, Loan Tenure, that is, in what time do you think of returning this loan. 

 The loan repayment schedule entirely depends on you.Now suppose if you take a home loan of 6 lakhs from SBI at an interest rate of 6.5% for 10 years. Then you will instead have to pay an EMI of ₹ 6,813 every month to the bank for the next 10 years. You will have to repay ₹ 8,17,545 including interest against the home loan of 6 lakhs you have taken. In which the loan amount is 6 lakh rupees and the remaining ₹ 2,17,545 is made of interest.

SBI Home Loan Types :-

 SBI, the country’s most reputed bank, offers various types of home loan facilities to its customers. Some of them are as follows.

🔸 SBI Home Loan and Objective :-

SBI Home Loan :- This loan is given for the purchase or construction of an already built property, construction or reconstruction of a new house, extension, etc.

 SBI Home Loan Balance Transfer :- Transfer of home loan taken from any other bank to SBI Bank.

NRI Home Loan :- If you are an NRI and want to fulfill your dream of owning or buying a home in India, then this is for you.

Flexipay Home Loan :- as the name suggests, the bank offers a variety of repayment facilities in this home loan. But this scheme exists especially for the salary earners.

 Privilege Home Loan :- These home loans are exclusively available to Central / State Government / Public Sector Banks / Government of India Undertakings and pensioners.

Shaurya Home Loan :- This home loan scheme of SBI is especially for the brave soldiers of our country and people working in its related services.

Pre-approved home loans :- These loans are pre-approved for the customer by the builder or seller. So that customers can complete their home deals immediately without any hassle.

Reality Home Loan :- Under this, you get the facility of getting money from buying land to building a house.

 Top-up home loan :- as the name suggests, can be used if you already have a home loan and need more money. Then under this scheme you can take additional amount from the bank in the form of home loan.

SBI Tribal Plus :- This loan scheme is specially designed for people living in general tribal and hilly areas.

 Last word :-

 In this article, you used the free SBI Home Loan Calculator tool provided by us. Along with this, you have come to know that how many types of loans SBI provides to its customers. If you have any kind of problem, suggestion or question related to this article, then do tell us by commenting below, thank you.

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