Open a Mahila Shakti Savings Account and get 2 lakh accident insurance free – Baroda Mahila Shakti Saving Account

Baroda Mahila Shakti Saving Account: Discover the exceptional benefits of Bank of Baroda’s Mahila Shakti Savings Account, designed exclusively for women. From personal insurance and platinum cards to discounted locker rentals and attractive offers, explore the wide range of features that set this account apart.

Bank of Baroda, a leading public sector lender, has introduced a special savings account for women, known as the Bank of Baroda Mahila Shakti Savings Account. This unique offer provides many privileges and benefits to women, enhancing their banking experience. By opening a Mahila Shakti Savings Account, women can save just Rs. 2 lakh personal insurance coverage but also get platinum card on account activation.

Facilities provided by Mahila Shakti Saving Account (Baroda Mahila Shakti Saving Account)

  1. Free Personal Insurance and Platinum Card:

On opening Mahila Shakti Savings Account, women customers can get Rs. 2 lakh becomes eligible for personal insurance coverage. Additionally, they get a prestigious Platinum Card, which adds more value to their banking experience.

  1. Low Interest Two-Wheeler and Education Loans:

Women account holders can avail the facility of two-wheeler and education loans at highly competitive interest rates. This provision allows them to meet their transportation and educational needs conveniently.

  1. Attractive offers on beauty, lifestyle and groceries:

Bank of Baroda offers a range of attractive deals and discounts on beauty, lifestyle and grocery purchases exclusively for Mahila Shakti Savings Account holders. Enjoy significant savings and enhance your shopping experience with these exciting offers.

  1. Discounted locker rental charges:

Women who opt for locker facilities with their Mahila Shakti Savings Account get a 25% discount on the annual locker rental charges. This cost-saving measure ensures the safety of valuable assets without imposing a financial burden on account holders.

  1. Accident insurance coverage up to age 70:

Account holders of Mahila Shakti Savings Account till the age of 70 years Rs. 2 lakh free accidental insurance coverage. However, it is important to note that this coverage may vary based on NPCI guidelines if there are financial or non-financial transactions. The accident took place in the previous 45 days.

  1. Free SMS alert feature for first year:

During the initial year of account activation, women can enjoy the facility of free SMS alerts. This feature keeps account holders informed about their banking activities and enhances overall financial management.

  1. Preferential interest rates on loans:

Mahila Shakti Savings Account holders get 0.25% rebate on interest rates for two-wheeler loans. Additionally, they benefit from a 25% discount on processing charges for auto loans and mortgage loans. Personal loan processing charges are completely waived.

  1. Additional Privileges and Waivers:

Mahila Shakti Savings Account includes various additional privileges, including Rs. Includes sweep facility for 181 days on deposits above 50,000, 25% discount on travel/gift card issue charges and complete waiver of annual maintenance charges for the first year. Demat account. Additionally, there is no joining fee for Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card.


Bank of Baroda Mahila Shakti Saving Account empowers women with a range of exclusive features and benefits, ensuring a seamless and rewarding banking experience. From comprehensive personal insurance coverage and prestigious platinum cards to discounted locker rentals and attractive offers, this account is tailored to meet the diverse financial needs of women. Open a Mahila Shakti Savings Account today and unlock a world of benefits designed to support your financial aspirations.

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