Next 5 days nature will cause havoc in Gujarat : know in which cities the wind of storm will blow

Gujarat Weather Forecast :Cyclone Biparjoy is slowly moving northwards. So a cyclone warning has been given for the coast of Saurashtra and Kutch. A very severe cyclonic storm “Biparjoy” originating from East Central Arabian Sea is moving almost northward at a speed of 7 kmph during the last 6-hours. The cyclone is currently 310 km south-southwest of Porbandar. 

So Devbhumi is 340 km south-southwest of Dwarka. Jakhou is 430 km from port, 430 km south-southwest of Nalia and 590 km south of Karachi. It will move roughly northward till the morning of June 14, then move north-northeast. By 15 June afternoon, it will cross the coast of Saurashtra between Mandvi (Gujarat) and Karachi (Pakistan) and the Pakistan coast adjacent to Kutch and Jakhou ports and become a very severe cyclonic storm with maximum sustained winds. 

At this time the wind will blow at a speed of 125-135 kmph to 150 kmph. Due to this, orange alert was given in Kutch and Saurashtra coast area. Then see how the wind speed will be in Gujarat for four days from tomorrow and where the wind will blow. 

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