Install a mobile tower at home, get 30 lakh rupees and a salary of 25 thousand rupees per month! Find out what this whole thing is about

Fact Check: For the last few days , a news is going viral on social media that if you have any space, land, plot, house vacant, a tower is being installed on the roof, then you can earn a lot by installing a mobile tower . are you A mobile tower can also be installed in that shop or office , from which you can earn good money. Install a rooftop tower, but there are also some requirements to install a mobile tower, such as customers actually need a mobile tower in the place where you want to install a mobile tower. In this news it is being said that for this you have to pay a registration charge of 730 rupees. After which the process of installing the mobile tower will be started.

A message is going viral on social media, asking people to install mobile Wi-Fi towers in their gram sabhas under Digital India. For this they have been asked to pay rent up to 25 thousand rupees per month. In which they have been asked to make an advance of up to 30 lakh rupees and an agreement of up to 20 years.

The viral message has also asked to give a job to any one person to install this mobile tower, for which they have to pay 25 thousand rupees.

The company that has given you space, fully verifies the mobile tower. The company enters into an agreement with the land owner and in return the company pays money to the land owner. The Press Information Bureau of the Government of India, PIB tweeted the truth of this viral message from its official Twitter account and stated the truth that no such scheme or approval letters are being issued by the government.

This viral message says that this letter has been sent from your mobile (wi-fi) network Digital India. You are informed that your location in your gram sabha has been checked by the survey team through network under Wi-Fi Digital India frequency location is near your name. This is done from a security point of view and other companies’ networks. You are informed that the company will charge Rs. 25000, 30 lakhs as site advance and 20 years court contract and one person as permanent employee. A job is offered in the form, which will be given a salary of Rs 25000 per month. Their qualification must be 10th pass. Every year the installment will be increased by some percentage. You have to deposit an application fee of Rs 730 which is non-refundable.

What is the truth of the viral message

PIB checked the fact of this message going viral on social media, in which it has been found that this message is fake. PIB said that this message which is going viral is completely fake. Government has not given any such order under Digital India.

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