Biparjoy Cyclone Updates : Video of torrential rain with strong winds in Dwarka has gone viral on social media.

Biparjoy Cyclone Updates: Due to the cyclone some effect is being seen in every district. Seeing this, everyone is worried about the impact of the cyclone and the coastal districts are witnessing a dire situation. Biperjoy has left its mark on the region and on cities and districts. Strong winds and rains have been recorded in all areas. Apart from this situation, lightning strikes have been experienced.

The storm is moving at an increasing speed in Gujarat. By the evening of June 15, the storm will reach its peak speed which is estimated to be 145. There is a possibility of heavy rain in Gujarat on June 15

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) reported that the cyclone is currently moving at a speed of 5 kmph and is located about 210 km west-northwest of Jakhou port.

A video from Dwarka has gone viral on social media in which the cyclone is having a heavy impact and it can be seen from this video how fast the storm is coming. Watch the video below.

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Meteorological Department Forecast : Click here
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